Display an animated image

You can create a more interactive and engaging user experience in your app by loading a drawable file to display animated images. Animated images are useful for creating loading indicators, success or error indicators, facilitating game development, and various other UI functions.

Version compatibility

This implementation requires that your project minSDK be set to API level 21 or higher.


Display an animated image

The following code displays an animated vector that automatically toggles between two states:

Key points about the code

  • Loads a vector resource, animating the drawing attributes over time.
  • An Image instance that uses a Painter instance to perform the animation, created from the AnimatedImageVector and boolean state by the rememberAnimatedVectorPainter() function.
  • When atEnd is true, the Painter instance stops animating.


Hourglass animating its contents and rotating
Figure 1. Animated vector drawable in Compose.

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