Privacy in Android Q

Android Q extends the transparency and control that users have over data and app capabilities. For developers, these features can affect specific behaviors or data that your app may be depending on.

All developers should review the privacy features and test their apps. Impacts can vary based on each app's core functionality, targeting, and other factors.

Check your app

Top privacy changes

Scoped Storage

New limits on access to files in shared external storage. Complete most work with files in app-specific directories or strongly-typed media collections.

Device location

New user option to allow access to device location only while using your app in the foreground.

Background app starts

New restrictions on launching activities from the background without user interaction.

Hardware identifiers

New restrictions on access to device hardware identifiers such as IMEI, serial number, MAC, and similar data.

Camera and connectivity

New restrictions on access to full camera metadata, and FINE location permission now required for many connectivity workflows.

Get started with privacy updates

  1. Review the privacy features — Learn about what's changing and assess your app.
  2. Test your app on Android QGet the Beta as soon as possible, test, migrate as needed.
  3. Update your app — Targeting Q if possible, test with users via beta channels or other groups.

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