EP 12 | 16 NOV 2020

How can we encourage diversity and inclusivity through the products we build? Drew Banks and Daniel Farkas from language learning app Drops, discuss how they actively foster diversity and inclusion in their business and how they have taken this opportunity by incorporating several indigenous languages into their app portfolio to reflect humanity’s diversity.


Co-founder and CEO, Drops

Daniel is the Co-founder and CEO of Drops, the language learning platform that teaches 42 languages in a fun and accessible way. Following an epiphany that most people are never taught how to learn effectively, Daniel spent over a decade researching how to do it right. This obsession led him to found Drops, a platform of swipe-only apps that combine word games and visual association to create a fun and engaging learning experience. Daniel holds a BA in tourism economics and is an avid cyclist and writer. Daniel speaks Hungarian, English, and Spanish, and is learning German and Danish.

Chief Customer Officer, Drops

Drew is Chief Customer Officer of Drops. Fascinated with visual communications Drew has spent much of his career helping companies such as Silicon Graphics, Prezi, and now Drops bring visual communication and learning tools to the mainstream. Drew has BSs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from NCSU and an MBA from MIT. He's also an author who has written and published two business books (Beyond Spin, Customer.Community) and two novels (Able Was I, Ere I Saw Elba).

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