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Building for billions

The markets with the fastest growing internet and smartphone penetration can have some challenging characteristics, such as:

To help your app succeed in these markets, we've put together some advice on how to address these characteristics. Follow this advice and you'll build an app that delivers the best possible experience to people in developing markets.

Remember that the practices described in this section are relevant to almost all apps, not only apps being published into developing markets. No matter where you want to release your app, following the guidance offered here will produce a better app for your users. For example, an app that is more efficient in the way it uses memory, power, and network bandwidth will work better in any market.

Building apps to delight billions

We've divided our advice into five broad categories: connectivity, device capability, data cost, battery consumption, and content. The categories are not presented in any particular order. Also, you should take them as guidelines, but not absolutes: You should always research the particulars of any market or country you're targeting.

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