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UI and content for billions

Make sure that your app offers an interactive UI that responds quickly to user input and, if necessary, compensates for a slow launch. Ensure that your app is designed to be easily localized by accommodating the variations between languages: allow for spacing, density, order, emphasis, and wording variations. Also make sure that date, time, and other units are internationalized and displayed according to the phone’s settings.

Fast and responsive user interface

The user's perception of app performance is formed in large part by the app's responsiveness. For example, interaction with the user and a crisp display are two important characteristics of a performant app. Here you can find tips on how to optimize these and other aspects of an app's speed and responsiveness.

Touch feedback on all touchable items

UI should always be interactive

Target 60 frames per second on low-cost devices

Use a launch screen on slow to start apps

User interface best practices


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