Passkeys on Android and other platforms

Get started with passkeys and build secure and user-friendly authentication experiences for your users.


Understand passkeys in 4 minutes


Learn more about passkeys and make your users’ online experiences easier and more secure!

How to reduce reliance on passwords in Android apps with passkey support


Use passkeys and Android's Credential Manager API for secure, seamless authentication on Android.

Bringing seamless authentication to your apps with passkeys using Credential Manager API


Learn about the passkeys implementation using Credential Manager API.

Integrate Credential Manager API in your Android app


Learn how to simplify auth journeys using Credential Manager API in your Android app

UX Guide for user authentication with passkeys


Introduce passkeys at the right moment to help users stay engaged and adopt this new sign-in method.

Implementing Passkeys and Identity Federation on different platforms

Video Optional

This session will detail the benefits of passkeys, how to use them to deliver streamlined authentication flows, and how to evolve your identity stack to embrace this new technology.


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