Android 11—Week 9—TV

Learn about the developer tools available for building apps for Android TV.


Android beyond phones

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Watch this introductory teaser to prepare for the activities in this pathway.

Android TV: Best practices for engaging apps

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Learn about customizing the Leanback library to get the look and feel you want in your TV app, integrating with Android TV features so people can discover and control your content, and, of course, delivering great content.

What’s new on Android TV

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Learn about the big investments made in Android TV and the new features built to help connect with TV users.

Frictionless subscriptions

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Learn about frictionless subscriptions, a new feature on Google Play for Android TV that allows users to subscribe to your app using their existing Google account.

Cast Connect

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Learn about Cast Connect, the solution to seamlessly combine Cast with Android TV so users can cast directly to an Android TV app and use a remote- or voice-controlled device to interact with the content.

Controlling media through MediaSession


Learn how to add media-session support to an app, and create an integral link between the Android platform and media apps.

Using a media session


Learn how to create and initialize a media session to provide playback data.

Raise engagement on Android TV by integrating with the Play Next row


Learn how to add, update, and remove programs from the Play Next row, a UI element that displays content most relevant to the viewer.

Google Assistant and media apps


Learn how to integrate Google Assistant in your media app so your users can use voice commands to control the app.

Cast Connect with Android TV app


Learn how to modify your Android TV app so your existing Cast sender app can cast content and communicate with the Android TV app.

Android 11—Week 9—TV quiz

Test your knowledge of the latest developer updates for Android TV and earn your Android TV badge.