Android 11—Week 10—Games and media

Learn about the updates that can maximize your success on Google Play.


Games and Media Week teaser

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Learn how to make your Android games run faster and better.

Android Performance Tuner

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Learn about the Android Performance Tuner to identify performance- and graphics-fidelity issues in your gaming app.

Introducing Play Asset Delivery - Android Game Dev Show

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Learn and understand how to use Google Play to dynamically deliver your game assets.

Protect your game and players on Google Play

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Learn how to protect your game's security and integrity on Google Play.

What’s new in Media

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Learn about the media features in Android 11 to control audio and video.

The Game Show: Android Game Dev Overview

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Get an overview of the useful features in Android 11 for building games: APIs; better developer tooling; and improved assets delivery, fighting distribution, and monetization abuse.

Android 11—Week 10—Games and Media quiz

Test your knowledge of the game and media features of Android 11.