Android 11—Week 10—Games and media quiz

  1. True or false? If a user opens a game before it has a chance to update, updates can be triggered within the context of a game with the in-app updates API.
  2. ___ ensures that the player is using an unmodified binary that was installed by Google Play. Secondly, ___ informs developers of the integrity of the device the binary is running on.
  3. Easily transfer playback from one device to another, known as seamless media transfer, by simply pressing the bluetooth icon.
  4. Which of the following are true about pre-registration, now available from the new menu within the Google Play Console?

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  5. Android 11 introduced a new network capabilities constant called ___ because 5G networks can dynamically change the metered behavior of a network whilst a connection is still active.