Android 11 - Week 1 - People and Identity

Connecting people easily and securely has many challenges. Android 11 announces the Connection Notification API along with Google Identity Services Library to improve the user signup/signin process.


Use new features in Android 11 to easily and securely connect to people

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Nothing matters more to people than connecting to other people. Android 11 has lots of new features to keep you in contact with all the people in your life easily and securely.

People-focused notifications—features and best practices

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Connect people in real time using conversation shortcuts.

People notifications and message priority

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This article describes People Notification messages and how they are prioritized using a person context.

Conversations and bubbles


This codelab teaches you how to show notifications in the conversation area of the notification shade or by using the new bubble icons that float over all screen content.

New APIs for user login and authentication

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This video explains how to use the One Tap and Block Store APIs of Google Identity Services to simplify password management for your users.

One Tap sign-in

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This article explains how to use the One Tap UI and Google Identity Services, which make it easy for your users to securely authenticate.

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