Adapt for different screen sizes

In this pathway, you'll learn how to adapt your app to different screen sizes and provide a better user experience, as well as how to test your adaptive UI.


Adaptive layouts

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Welcome to pathway 3! Previously you learned how to build apps with multiple screens. In this pathway, you’ll learn how to make each of these screens adaptive to different screen sizes!

Intro to Reply app

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In this pathway, you’ll be building the Reply app, an app that shows how different layouts work on different size screens.

Build an adaptive app with dynamic navigation


Learn how to make your app work well on large screens with adaptive navigation UI patterns.

Build an app with an adaptive layout


Learn how to adapt your app for large screens by implementing one of the canonical layout patterns.

Practice: Build Sports app


Practice how to provide a better user experience on different types of devices by implementing a list-detail layout, and how to test it.

Project: Create a My City app


Create an app that displays recommended places to visit for the city you live in.

What's next?

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Congratulations on completing Unit 4! In this unit, you learned many important topics such as the Activity lifecycle, app architecture, Navigation component, and adaptive layouts. With this knowledge, you can build more robust and testable apps that offer a better user experience on a range of different devices and screen sizes.


Test your knowledge and earn your Adaptive layouts badge.