Build five different Android apps with the Kotlin programming language. Learn about architecture components such as ViewModel and LiveData. Create a database using the Room library. Display a list of clickable items with RecyclerView. Load and display data from the internet. Make your app more accessible for all users.
Pathway 1

Architecture components

Learn about ViewModel, LiveData, data binding with ViewModel and LiveData, and LiveData transformations. You complete the GuessTheWord app, which is a two-player charades-style game, in which the players collaborate to achieve the highest score possible.

June 2020
Pathway 2

Databases and RecyclerView

During the first part of this pathway, you create a database using the Room library and use coroutines to simplify asynchronous programming. During the second part of the pathway, you display a list of items with RecyclerView and make list items clickable. Throughout the pathway, you build up the TrackMySleep app, which allows users to rate their sleep quality and store their sleep data over time.

June 2020
Pathway 3

Connect to the internet

Learn how to get data and images from the internet and display them in the app. You complete the MarsRealEstate app, which shows properties for sale on Mars by retrieving data from a web service.

June 2020
Pathway 4

Repository and WorkManager

Learn how to create a repository, add an offline cache, and schedule background tasks with WorkManager by completing an app called DevBytes. This app displays a list of DevByte videos which are short tutorials made by the Google Android Developer Relations team. The app fetches a list of video URLs from the network using the Retrofit library and displays the list using a RecyclerView.

June 2020
Pathway 5

Design for everyone

Learn the basics of Android's styling system, how to apply Material Design principles to the UI of your app, and how to make your app more accessible for all users. You will complete the GDG-finder app, which finds a local Google Developer Group (GDG) in your region.

June 2020