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Build five different Android apps with the Kotlin programming language. Create multiple layouts and add user interactivity to your Android apps. Define navigation paths and start an external activity. Handle complex lifecycle situations and add logging.
Pathway 1

Build your first app

Introduce yourself to Android Studio and complete a "Hello, World!" Android app in Kotlin.

June 2020
Pathway 2

Build an interactive app

Learn the basic anatomy of an Android app project, how to add images to your app, how to enable backward compatibility of the app (with older versions of Android), and how to navigate online documentation. Along the way, you complete the DiceRoller app, an app that allows you to randomly roll a dice when a button is tapped.

June 2020
Pathway 3


Create different types of layouts, add user interactivity, and use data binding. You complete the AboutMe app, which showcases interesting facts about yourself with a button, an image, and some scrollable text. You will also create the ColorMyViews app, which consists of clickable TextViews and Buttons that change color when tapped.

June 2020
Pathway 4

Create a fragment, define navigation paths, and start an external activity. Complete the AndroidTrivia app, which is a game in which users answer trivia questions about Android development and can share their results if they win.

June 2020
Pathway 5

Activity and Fragment lifecycles

Learn about Activity and Fragment lifecycles, how to handle complex lifecycle situations, and use logging to help debug and track the state of the app. You complete the DessertClicker app in which a user purchases desserts by tapping on an image. Every time a dessert is clicked, the app updates the number of desserts purchased and the total amount the user spent.

June 2020