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Build for billions

The pace of smartphone growth around the world is unprecedented, and billions of new users will come from markets that require unique technical and design decisions.

Android and Google Play are great vehicles for tapping that growth, reaching a diverse set of new users as well as improving the experience for existing users.

Design locally

The needs and aspirations of the next billion users will encompass unique and novel requirements. Understand what users expect in these markets and design your app from their perspective.

Grow globally

Distribute your app on Google Play to reach the largest mobile audience around the world. The Google Play Console helps you meet these users with powerful tools to help you test and publish your app, grow and engage your audience, and gain insights on your performance.

Development checklist

The guidelines to make your apps accessible, anywhere in the world.

Store data, queue requests, and handle images properly for offline and slow connections.

Lower your app's memory footprint and build for a range of device capabilities.

Give users control over your app's use of data, reduce your app's size and be mindful of consumption.

Create battery-efficient experiences for your users.

Make sure your app's content is localized and its UI is interactive.

Learn about the features, tips, and best practices to get your app ready to meet the needs of billions of Android users, globally. This is a companion guide to The Secrets to App Success on Google Play.

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