Android Game Development Kit - Game Activity library reference

These are the reference pages for the Game Activity library of the Android Game Development Kit.


Game Activity The interface to use GameActivity.
Native App Glue library The glue library to interface your game loop with GameActivity.


GameActivity This structure defines the native side of an
GameActivityCallbacks These are the callbacks the framework makes into a native application.
GameActivityKeyEvent Describe a key event that happened on the GameActivity SurfaceView.
GameActivityMotionEvent Describe a motion event that happened on the GameActivity SurfaceView.
GameActivityPointerAxes Describe information about a pointer, found in a GameActivityMotionEvent.
android_app This is the interface for the standard glue code of a threaded application.
android_poll_source Data associated with an ALooper fd that will be returned as the "outData" when that source has data ready.