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Rating An interface to encapsulate rating information used as content metadata. 


CallbackMediaItem Structure for media item descriptor for DataSourceCallback
CallbackMediaItem.Builder This Builder class simplifies the creation of a CallbackMediaItem object. 
DataSourceCallback For supplying media data, implement this if your app has special requirements for the way media data is obtained. 
FileMediaItem Structure for media item for a file. 
FileMediaItem.Builder This Builder class simplifies the creation of a FileMediaItem object. 
MediaItem A class with information on a single media item with the metadata information. 
MediaItem.Builder Builder for MediaItem
MediaMetadata Contains metadata about an item, such as the title, artist, etc. 
MediaMetadata.Builder Use to build MediaMetadatax objects. 
SessionPlayer Base interface for all media players that want media session. 
SessionPlayer.PlayerCallback A callback class to receive notifications for events on the session player. 
SessionPlayer.PlayerResult Result class of the asynchronous APIs. 
SessionPlayer.TrackInfo Class for the player to return each audio/video/subtitle track's metadata. 
SubtitleData Class encapsulating subtitle data, as received through the SessionPlayer.PlayerCallback.onSubtitleData(SessionPlayer, MediaItem, SessionPlayer.TrackInfo, SubtitleData) interface. 
UriMediaItem Structure for media item descriptor for Uri
UriMediaItem.Builder This Builder class simplifies the creation of a UriMediaItem object. 
VideoSize Immutable class for describing video size.