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Applying a Device OTA Image

This page provides links to over-the-air (OTA) device images and describes how to manually apply an OTA update to a device. This procedure may be useful in recovering devices that received OTA updates through the Android Beta Program and do not start up after the update is installed.

Installing OTA Images

To install an OTA package to a device:

  1. Download an OTA device image from the table below.
  2. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. For more information on putting Nexus devices in this mode, see Reset your Nexus device to factory settings.
  3. On the device, select ADB sideload.
  4. Connect the device to a computer with the Android development environment loaded and the Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool installed.
  5. Run the following command:
    adb sideload <ota-package>

Device OTA Images

Device Download / Checksums
Nexus 5X
MD5: 4b83b803fac1a6eec13f66d0afc6f46e
SHA-1: a9920bcc8d475ce322cada097d085448512635e2
Nexus 6
MD5: 513570bb3a91878c2d1a5807d2340420
SHA-1: 2d2f40636c95c132907e6ba0d10b395301e969ed
Nexus 6P
MD5: 096fe26c5d50606a424d2f3326c0477b
SHA-1: 468d2e7aea444505513ddc183c85690c00fab0c1
Nexus 9
MD5: 6aecd3b0b3a839c5ce1ce4d12187b03e
SHA-1: 31633180635b831e59271a7d904439f278586f49
Nexus 9G
MD5: 0493fa79763d67bcdde8007299e1888d
SHA-1: f709daf81968a1b27ed41fe40d42e0d106f3c494
Nexus Player
MD5: 9c38b6647fe5a4f2965196b7c409f0f7
SHA-1: 77c6fb05191f0c2ae0956bae18f1c80b2f922f05
Pixel C
MD5: 4c6135498ca156a9cdaf443ddfdcb2ba
SHA-1: 297cc9a204685ef5507ec087fc7edf5b34551ce6
General Mobile 4G (Android One)
MD5: f40ea6314a13ea6dd30d0e68098532a2
SHA-1: 11af10b621f4480ac63f4e99189d61e1686c0865
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