Make the most of Google Play to test, distribute, optimize, and monetize your game.

Integrate Play features

The Play libraries are your app’s runtime interface with the Google Play Store.
Use Google Play's billing system to sell consumable or non-consumable one-time products as well as subscriptions.
Play Asset Delivery offers flexible delivery modes, auto-updates, compression, and delta patching served by Google Play at no cost to you.
Google Play Games Services enables low-friction cross device and instant play by saving game data on Google's infrastructure. It includes achievements, leaderboards, friends, and more.
Prompt active users to update your game with both flexible and immediate updates.
Prompt users to submit Play Store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your game.

Launch your game

Use the Google Play Console to launch your game to a global audience.
Guidelines to help improve content, user experience, technical performance, and more.
Use testing tracks to gather feedback and improve your game.
Create excitement and awareness of your game before it launches.
Understand policies, build your store listing, troubleshoot before launching, and more.
View the catalog of available devices and exclude ones that can't offer a good experience.

Additional resources

Get the most out of the Google Play Console tools on the Academy for App Success, a free e-learning resource.
The latest learning path from Play Academy offers insights to help you maximize your revenue and control your in-game economy.
Learn about programs and opportunities for indie game developers.
Create great experiences, connect with new players, and scale your business at

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