Download the LTV Calculator

The lifetime value calculator can help you understand and plan whether you should spend money on user acquisition, and if so how much you should invest in paid user acquisition for your app or game business. Providing the key factors to consider, it also helps inform the decision by predicting the LTV you'll see from acquired users and therefore what spend is sensible to achieve this return.

Download the LTV calculator to find out about your app or game LTV, and opt in to hearing from a Google Ads expert on the app marketing team to get help in determining the best values to use in the calculator.

Note: The LTV calculator is a guide to assist in making decisions about paid user acquisition and the model makes various assumptions which aren't guaranteed or confirmed in order to do so; including: impact of investment, CPI, organic spin-offs, payer rate, engagement rate, and portfolio effect. Additionally, estimates of buyer rate, ARPPU, and advertising revenue per user will need to be set based on your app's data.


Create your LTV calculator

This creates a copy of the LTV calculator in your Google Drive (requires a Google Account).