Distribute your apps on the right Android platforms

  • Launch
  • Wear apps
  • Auto apps
  • TV apps
  • Family & kids apps
  • Enterprise apps

Publishing on Google Play makes your app available to smartphones and tablets. To make your app discoverable to specific audiences and other Android platforms users, opt in to the right options on the Pricing & Distribution page in the Google Play Console.

How to distribute to the right platforms

  • In your app’s Pricing & Distribution page specify whether the app is free or paid and choose the countries it will be distributed to.
  • You then have some opt-in choices so that Google Play can surface your app for specific devices and programs:
    • Wear OS by Google: Approved apps will receive a Wear OS badge on Google Play and be included in Wear OS collections.
    • Android TV: Approved apps will be included on the Play Store for Android TVs. After opting in you can also add TV-specific screenshots to your Play Store listing.
    • Android Auto: After review for compliance with driver distraction guidelines and technical and quality criteria, approved apps appear on Google Play.
    • Daydream: Approved standalone apps for Daydream will be easier for Daydream users to discover on Google Play and will appear in Play Store VR.
    • Designed for Families: Approved apps appear in Google Play’s family-friendly browse and search experiences in addition to being available on the Google Play Store.
    • Managed Google Play: Free apps are automatically available to IT admins who manage Google Play for enterprise and education customers. Paid apps can be made available after opting in and agreeing to the Managed Google Play Addendum to the Developer Distribution Agreement.
    • Google Play for Education: After accepting the Google Play for Education Addendum you can opt in for inclusion in the "Educator recommended" section of Google Play for Education. Currently, only K-12 schools in the United States are supported.
  • Declare if your app contains ads . If your app contains ads delivered through third party ad networks, display ads, native ads or banner ads you must declare this. Your app will then show a "Contains ads" label on its store listing.
  • While your app is being reviewed, it will be available for smartphones and tablets on Google Play (excluding Android Auto apps, which will not be available to anyone until approved). The Pricing & Distribution page shows your app’s review status and notifies you of any steps you need to take.