DnsOptions.Experimental An annotation for APIs which are not considered stable yet. 
QuicOptions.Experimental An annotation for APIs which are not considered stable yet. 
QuicOptions.QuichePassthroughOption An annotation for APIs which configure QUICHE options not curated by Cronet. 


ConnectionMigrationOptions A class configuring Cronet's connection migration functionality. 
ConnectionMigrationOptions.Builder Builder for ConnectionMigrationOptions
CronetEngine An engine to process UrlRequests, which uses the best HTTP stack available on the current platform. 
CronetEngine.Builder A builder for CronetEngines, which allows runtime configuration of CronetEngine
CronetEngine.Builder.LibraryLoader A class which provides a method for loading the cronet native library. 
DnsOptions A class configuring Cronet's host resolution functionality. 
DnsOptions.Builder Builder for DnsOptions
DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions A class configuring Cronet's stale DNS functionality. 
DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions.Builder Builder for DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions
NetworkQualityRttListener Watches observations of various round trip times (RTTs) at various layers of the network stack. 
NetworkQualityThroughputListener Listener that is notified of throughput observations from the network quality estimator. 
QuicOptions Configuration options for QUIC in Cronet. 
QuicOptions.Builder Builder for QuicOptions
RequestFinishedInfo Information about a finished request. 
RequestFinishedInfo.Listener Listens for finished requests for the purpose of collecting metrics. 
UploadDataProvider Abstract class allowing the embedder to provide an upload body to UrlRequest
UploadDataProviders This class is deprecated. use UploadDataProviders instead  
UploadDataSink Defines callbacks methods for UploadDataProvider
UrlRequest Controls an HTTP request (GET, PUT, POST etc). 
UrlRequest.Builder Builder for UrlRequests. 
UrlRequest.Callback Users of Cronet extend this class to receive callbacks indicating the progress of a UrlRequest being processed. 
UrlRequest.Status Request status values returned by UrlRequest.getStatus(UrlRequest.StatusListener)
UrlRequest.StatusListener Listener class used with UrlRequest.getStatus(UrlRequest.StatusListener) to receive the status of a UrlRequest
UrlResponseInfo Basic information about a response. 


CallbackException Exception passed to UrlRequest.Callback.onFailed() when UrlRequest.Callback or UploadDataProvider method throws an exception. 
CronetException Base exception passed to UrlRequest.Callback.onFailed()
InlineExecutionProhibitedException Thrown when an executor runs a submitted runnable inline in Executor.execute(Runnable) and UrlRequest.Builder.allowDirectExecutor() was not called. 
NetworkException Exception passed to UrlRequest.Callback.onFailed() when Cronet fails to process a network request. 
QuicException Subclass of NetworkException which contains a detailed QUIC error code from QuicErrorCode