Android Jetpack quiz

  1. Hilt is integrated with Jetpack libraries, Android framework classes, and automatically generates and provides all of the following except ___.

  2. True or false? For each Android class that can be injected by Hilt, there's an associated Hilt component.

  3. Match the following components of the Paging library with their descriptions.

    Each answer only matches one item.

    A container for paginated data

    The base class for loading snapshots of data into a stream of PagingData

    Builds a Flow based on a PagingConfig and a function that defines how to construct the implemented PagingSource

    Listens to internal PagingData loading events as pages are loaded and uses DiffUtil on a background thread to compute fine-grained updates as updated content is received in the form of new PagingData objects

    Helps implement pagination from network and database

  4. Fill-in-the-blanks

    Enter one or more words to complete the sentence.

    To implement a ViewFinder, you can use the CameraX ___ class.