Android Views and Compose in Views

  1. Which language is used to build View layouts?

  2. When building an app with Views, the concept of a Composable 'screen' should be replaced by which of the following?

  3. View Bindings are used to access and interact with XML declared Views.

  4. In which Fragment lifecycle method is the View Binding inflated?

  5. View components can be accessed before the View Binding has been inflated.

  6. A ComposeView is a(n):

  7. Jetpack Compose and the View system can co-exist in your codebase.

  8. The ComposeView uses its ___ method to display Compose elements on the screen.

  9. Jetpack Compose was designed with View interoperability right from the start.

  10. The flag that enables Android Studio to work with Compose is the: