Adaptive layouts

  1. The ___ composable is used to respond to the Back button, with or without a NavHost.

  2. Which of the following are true about designing for larger screens?

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  3. A ___ is a specific measurement of width or height where an app's layout should change.

  4. The compact width window size class generally refers to smaller devices, such as phones in portrait mode.

  5. The ___ API makes the implementation of adaptive layouts simpler.

  6. A navigation rail is often appropriate for ___ width layouts.

  7. When building apps with adaptive layouts, you should use a single preview for each screen.

  8. The list-detail layout requires Back navigation on compact screens, but not on screens where both the list and detail screens are shown at once.

  9. Assume you have a contacts app that displays a list of contacts and has details to show for each contact. What are appropriate ways to adapt the UI to different screen sizes?

  10. Tests can be configured to run only test functions with custom annotations by configuring the ___.