Architecture Components

  1. Which method is first called when the app no longer has focus?

  2. After ___, the app is no longer visible on screen.

  3. Use ___ to write a debug message. This method takes two arguments: the log tag and the log message.

  4. To save a value that needs to survive a configuration change, declare its variables with ___.

  5. The separation of concerns design principle states that the app should be divided into classes, each with separate responsibilities.

  6. The UI is what the user sees, while the UI state is what the app says they should see.

  7. According to the recommended app architecture, each application should have at least the following two layers:

  8. StateFlow is a data-holder observable flow that emits the current and new state updates.

  9. Which of the following configurations should be added to the build.gradle file to add dependencies for the unit test source code?

  10. Unit tests are executed on an Android device or emulator.