Interacting with UI and state

  1. Jetpack Compose runs your composables for the first time, during ___ it will keep track of the composables that you call to describe your UI.

  2. The only way to modify a Composition is through recomposition.

  3. ___ is when Jetpack Compose re-executes the composables that may have changed in response to data changes.

  4. ___ in an application is any value that can change over time.

  5. ___ is a pattern of moving state up to make a component stateless.

  6. Which KeyboardAction property is used to move the focus to the next composable?

  7. Which of the following Kotlin functions is used to round up a Double or Float?

  8. Layout Inspector is a tool in Jetpack Compose that allows you to inspect a Compose layout inside a running app in an emulator or physical device.

  9. UI tests are stored in the ___ directory.

  10. Local tests and UI tests should be annotated with the ___ annotation.