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Build an interactive app

Learn the basic anatomy of an Android app project, how to add images to your app, how to enable backward compatibility of the app (with older versions of Android), and how to navigate online documentation. Along the way, you complete the DiceRoller app, an app that allows you to randomly roll a dice when a button is tapped.


Anatomy of a basic Android project


Begin creating the interactive DiceRoller app. Your tasks include exploring the app's files, editing the layout file, adding a button, and changing text for the app.

Image resources and compatibility


Add image resources, find views efficiently, and display an image in the DiceRoller app. You also learn about Android API levels and the importance of backward compatibility.

Learn to help yourself


Learn how to navigate resources that are helpful to Android developers. Use project templates, learn sample code, and explore online documentation, videos, and resources.

Build an Interactive App quiz

Test your knowledge of app anatomy, image resources, and online documentation to earn your Build an Interactive App badge.