Android 11—Week 9—Large Screens

Learn the best tips and tricks for developing with devices powered by ChromeOS, including foldables, laptops, and tablets.—A blueprint to build world-class apps and games for ChromeOS

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Learn about, a new website for developers featuring the latest ChromeOS news, product announcements, technical documentation, and code samples from popular apps.

Expanding your app beyond the phone

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Learn how your app can handle configuration changes for large Android devices and other best practices for non-smartphone devices.

Android Development on ChromeOS

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Learn how you can optimize your apps for users on devices powered by ChromeOS.

Developing for foldables

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Learn about the different displays supported by Android and the new adaptive-design techniques you can adopt for your app.

Android 11—Week 9—Large Screens quiz

Test your knowledge of best practices for non-phone app development and earn the Large Screens badge.