Android 11 - Week 5 - Languages

Android 11 includes major investments in languages and libraries, such as incorporating Kotlin support into some of the most-used Jetpack libraries, adding new Java APIs to platform, and developing new tools to fight memory corruption in native code. This pathway is composed of videos and articles that demonstrate the updates and teach you how to implement them in your Android apps.


Modern languages on Android

Video Optional

Welcome to 11 Weeks of Android Week 5: Languages! Watch this introductory teaser to prepare for the activities in this pathway.

Android <3 Coroutines

Video Optional

Learn why coroutines are the recommended solution for async code

Use Kotlin coroutines in your Android app

Codelab Optional

In this codelab, you learn best practices for how to integrate coroutines into your app’s UI and how to test coroutines.

Detecting memory-corruption bugs with HWASan

Article Optional

Native code in memory-unsafe languages like C and C++ is often vulnerable to memory-corruption bugs. Hardware-Assisted Address Sanitizer (HWASan) was developed for Android to address memory-corruption bugs in native code. Read this Android developer blog post to learn how Android 11 makes it easy for you to use it in your apps.

Native dependencies in Android Studio 4.0

Article Optional

Version 4.0 of the Android Gradle Plugin adds support for distributing and exposing native libraries through the same mechanism for Java libraries: Android Archives (AARs). Take a look at this blog post to learn how to implement the updates and the available libraries.

Support for newer Java language APIs

Article Optional

Learn about Android 11 adding support for a number of APIs all the way up to version 13 of OpenJDK.

Inspect CPU activity with CPU Profiler

Article Optional

This article walks you through how you can use the CPU Profiler to inspect and optimize your app’s CPU usage and thread activity in real time while interacting with your app.

Converting to Kotlin

Codelab Optional

In this codelab, you learn how to convert your code from Java to Kotlin. You also learn what the Kotlin language conventions are and how to ensure that the code you're writing follows them.

Java-friendly Kotlin

Codelab Optional

In this codelab, you learn how to write or adapt your Kotlin code to make it more seamlessly callable from Java code.

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