Android 11 - Week 3 - Privacy, Trust and Security

Android 11 introduces new security updates and privacy features to keep users secure and increase transparency and control. This pathway is composed of videos and articles that demonstrate the updates and teaches you how to implement them in your Android apps.


11 Weeks of Android - Privacy and Security

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With Android 11, we’re continuing our commitment to building an increasingly secure and private platform for users and developers. Read this introductory blog post for an overview of the privacy updates and security resources we’ve provided in this release.

Developing with the Latest in Privacy

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It’s not always easy to incorporate all the privacy features and changes added in every Android release. This video will walk you through how you can develop privacy forward apps by integrating new best practices for Android 11.

2020 Annual Android Security Update

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The Android Security and Privacy Team has been working hard on several focus areas that combine to provide comprehensive security to all Android devices. Watch this video to learn what the team has been doing during the last year to make Android 11 more secure, and what’s coming up in the year ahead.

Raising the Bar in Making Android Safe for Users

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The Android Platform Security team is committed to keeping Android users and their data safe from bad actors. In this video, we share our security philosophy and three pillar approach to evolving security features.

How to find possible background location usage in your code

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Android 11 gives users better privacy control through fine grained location permissions. Watch this video to learn about identifying background location code in a project, determining if it’s needed, and several alternatives.

11 System Hardening in Android 11

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The Android engineering team is committed to improving the security of the Android platform by eliminating potential attack points. Experienced developers and IT security professionals should take a look at this blog post, about the latest tools, settings and configurations.

Package visibility in Android 11

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Android 11 changes how apps can query and interact with other installed apps on the same device. Check out how you can migrate your app to follow best practises in terms of package visibility.

Tools to improve app quality - process exit reasons and data auditing API

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Android 11 introduces two new APIs that give developers more transparency into private data access and process exit reasons, giving you better insight into the performance of your app.

Partner case study - Bringing modern storage to Viber’s users

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Viber is a messaging app that needs to store, process and share a significant amount of data. Take a look at how they’ve managed the challenge of adapting to scoped storage changes, securing sensitive user data in their app.

Storage FAQs

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Scoped Storage introduces changes to external storage access to protect app and user data. We understand you might have some questions, so we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about scoped storage changes in Android 11.

How Android champions employee privacy with the work profile in Android 11

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We believe privacy is fundamental, and it was an essential factor in creating the work profile for personally owned devices in Android 5.0. We are taking it even further in Android 11 by bringing the industry-leading privacy protections of the work profile to company-owned devices.

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