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Learn Android app architecture using Kotlin.
Pathway 1

Lesson 7: Activity and fragment lifecycles

Learn about Activity and Fragment lifecycles, how to handle complex lifecycle situations, and use logging to help debug and track the state of the app.

Pathway 2

Lesson 8: App architecture (UI layer)

Learn how to use Android Jetpack Architecture components, a collection of libraries that help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.

Pathway 3

Lesson 9: App architecture (persistence)

Create a database using the Room library and use coroutines to simplify asynchronous programming.

Pathway 4

Lesson 10: Advanced RecyclerView use cases

Learn advanced binding and layouts with RecyclerView, and how to handle multiple types in a RecyclerView.

Pathway 5

Lesson 11: Connect to the internet

Learn about Android permissions, how to connect to and use network resources, and how to define a Retrofit service and display images.

Pathway 6

Lesson 12: Repository pattern and WorkManager

Learn about the repository pattern, and how to use WorkManager.