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Android Auto

Write your apps without having to worry about vehicle-specific hardware differences like screen resolution, software interfaces, knobs, and touch controls. Users can access your apps through the Android Auto app on their phone. Or, when connected to compatible vehicles, apps on handheld devices running Android 5.0 or higher can communicate with the Android Auto projected experience.

Build an audio app

Extend audio apps such as music, radio, and audiobook players into the car. Build apps that let users browse and play their music in the car.

Build a messaging app

Create messaging apps that receive incoming notifications, read messages using text-to-speech, and let users reply through the Android Auto app or by voice input in the car.


Android Auto provide a standardized user interface and user interaction model that works across vehicles. As a designer, you do not need to worry about vehicle-specific hardware differences.

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Building an ecosystem

We've partnered with manufacturers around the world to bring the Android platform to cars. Users can also download the app to experience the magic of Android Auto without a compatible vehicle.