Localization improves Zombie Ragdoll engagement at launch


Zombie Ragdoll is a physics based zombie shooting game launched by RV AppStudios in August 2013. Inspired by Google I/O talks about reaching global users on Google Play, the team at RV AppStudios was inspired to go global with Zombie Ragdoll at launch.

What they did

Using the App Translation Service in the Google Play Console, RV AppStudios launched Zombie Ragdoll localized into 20 languages. In addition to localizing the text within the game, they also localized game assets to specific countries and cultures.


Hindi version of Zombie Ragdoll

After launch 80% of downloads came from non-English speaking countries, improving engagement with users worldwide. In addition, there was growth in use in countries where their apps hadn’t been as popular before; achieving significant traction in countries such as Vietnam, Russia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Vivek Dave, founder of RV AppStudios says, “Users want a personalized experience, and by offering a localized game with translation of text and graphic assets, we believe users will connect at a much deeper level.""

Get started

Find out more about the App Translation Service here and read the full Localization checklist to simplify the process of localizing your app or game for users across the globe.