Playlab increases juice cubes conversions by 25% with store listing experiments


Playlab is a game developer and publisher based in Hong Kong, with production studios in Bangkok and Manila. Playlab apps include Juice Cubes, Jungle Cubes, and Ranch Run. Released in 2013, Juice Cubes is a strategy puzzle game with over 25 million downloads worldwide and over 100,000 five-star reviews on Google Play. The game has gained success in Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia and Thailand, and in Western markets such as the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada.

What they did

As part of Juice Cubes’ content update in April 2016, Playlab decided to refresh its Play Store icon and test whether different icons could increase their conversion rate.

Playlab used the Store Listing Experiments feature on the Google Play Console to test three variations of their new game icon.


Within three days of running the store listing experiment, Playlab saw positive results which led them to make an informed decision to change the current icon to the best-performing version. Variant C outperformed the initial control icon and the two other variants, with a 25% increase in installs. One month after applying the best-performing icon, Juice Cubes continued to see a 25% increase in the number of conversions from store visitors who made organic installs.

"Google Play Store Listing Experiments offer a fast, easy, and free way to do A/B testing on an icon. The data provided after each test helped us to make a decision really quickly. The best part is the team no longer needs so many resources to decide which icon to use because we can let the users decide." said Jakob Lykkegaard, CEO and co-founder of Playlab.

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