Create a bottom sheet

A bottom sheet shows secondary content, anchored to the bottom of the screen.

Version compatibility

This implementation requires that your project minSDK be set to API level 21 or higher.


Implement a bottom sheet

To implement a bottom sheet, use the ModalBottomSheet composable:

Expand and collapse the sheet

To expand and collapse the sheet, use SheetState:

Key points

  • Use the content slot, which uses a ColumnScope to lay out sheet content composables in a column.
  • Use rememberSheetState to create an instance of SheetState that you pass to ModalBottomSheet with the sheetState parameter.
  • SheetState provides access to the show and hide functions and to properties related to the current sheet state. These functions require a CoroutineScope — for example, rememberCoroutineScope — and can be called in response to UI events.

  • Make sure to remove the ModalBottomSheet from composition when you hide the bottom sheet.


Figure 1. A standard bottom sheet (left) and a modal bottom sheet (right).

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