Your feedback is a crucial part of the Developer Preview! Please let us know of any issues you find or ideas for making Android a better platform.

The sooner we hear from you, the more of your feedback we can integrate into the final release.

Report issues and feature requests here!

Developer Preview Issue Tracker

Please search for existing bugs that match your issue before filing a new one. Add your vote to an issue by clicking the star button. You can view currently filed issues in the Developer Preview Issues List. For general help with Google Issue Tracker, see the documentation.

You can also report issues using the Android Beta Feedback app, included in the Developer Preview software on Pixel devices. See the details below or read the frequently asked questions.

Where to file issues

To submit a new issue, use the links below to go to the issue template that best describes the type of issue. Make sure you fill out the information requested in the issue template:

  • Platform: Issues with Android 11 system software or APIs (platform), NDK (platform), device hardware (Camera, Sensors, CPU, GPU), or Android Runtime (ART)
  • App compatibility: Issues that occur with an app running on Android 11.
  • Third Party SDKs: Issues applicable to a third party library, software development kit (SDK), or development environment that is breaking with Android 11.
  • Scoped Storage: Issues applicable to Scoped Storage in Developer Preview and Beta builds.
  • Android Generic System Image (GSI): Issues applicable to Generic System Image (GSI) builds during Developer Preview and Beta.

Related trackers

Submitting or voting

Before filing a new issue, please check if it is listed in the Release Notes or reported in the issue tracker. You can find a list of top-voted issues here.

You can subscribe and vote for issues by clicking the star for an issue in the tracker. For more information, see Starring an issue.

Android Beta Feedback app

You can also report issues using the Android Beta Feedback app () that's included in the Developer Preview and Beta builds on Pixel devices.

To help Google manage feedback volumes and control for duplicates, new issues submitted through the Android Beta Feedback app will remain separate from those reported through the main issue tracker until reviewed and verified.

Due to the volume of feedback, submitted issues may not receive a response, and issues may be closed upon release of the next Developer Preview or Beta version. This will allow Google to focus on issues still reproducible in the latest release.

If your feedback is closed and you’re still experiencing the issue on the latest Developer Preview build, please check the Release notes page and the list of top issues and Star the issue if it already exists. If not, please file your feedback again from the latest software version.