"With Android Architecture Components, we're re-architecting our entire app. It's great to have a Google-endorsed, opinionated, and clean way to build an Android app that makes it easier to support configuration changes."

Drew Hannay, Staff Software Engineer, LinkedIn

"We see higher agility and turnaround in new feature development with Android Architecture Components. And our overall speed continues to get better as more developers start using it."

Vishwanath Ramarao, CTO, Hike

"We love ViewModel and LiveData! Our code became so much more concise, stable, and readable, and the code architecture was beautifully unified. Stability improved, too!"

Zheng Songyin, senior development manager, BeautyPlus

"Room made it really easy for us to create the database table and DAO so we could quickly build our product. And the emphasis on testability is critical for us."

Demian Insung Hwang, KakaoTalk Developer, KakaoTalk

"We've used dozens of different technologies, and Room was a huge improvement. The emphasis on testability is huge."

Andy Lawton, Head of Android Platform at Tinder

"LiveData is much simpler and more effective for observing patterns. Readability improved, and we don’t have to worry about lifecycle management."

Ryan Sejong Suh, KakaoPay Developer, KakaoTalk

"The lack of boilerplate code makes Android Architecture Components very easy for new developers to ramp up quickly."

Sumiran Pradhan, senior software development engineer, Zillow

"Strong support in Android Studio with plentiful static checks is a key ingredient that makes working with Room so enjoyable."

Adam Simek, Engineer, Strava

"Getting started with Room was easy and straightforward. It definitely makes us write cleaner code and helps us avoid many types of errors from the get-go."

Sergio Teran, Android engineer, iHeartRadio

"Room provided a great way to create databases quickly for unit and interactive testing."

James Sungsoo Jung, KakaoTalk Developer, KakaoTalk

"Developers are absolutely more productive using Android Architecture Components. Once new developers understand where the logic lives in the ViewModel, they love it. It’s a lot easier when you’re starting from scratch. You have a clear path as to how you want to lay something out."

Sumiran Pradhan, senior software development engineer, Zillow