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Google I/O 2016 - What's new in Android accessibility

Many Android users have different abilities that require them to interact with their Android devices in different ways. These include users who have visual, physical or age-related limitations that prevent them from fully seeing or using a touchscreen, and users with hearing loss who may not be able to perceive audible information and alerts.

Android provides accessibility features and services for helping these users navigate their devices more easily, including text-to-speech, haptic feedback, gesture navigation, trackball and directional-pad navigation. Android application developers can take advantage of these services to make their applications more accessible.

Android developers can also build their own accessibility services, which can provide enhanced usability features such as audio prompting, physical feedback, and alternative navigation modes. Accessibility services can provide these enhancements for all applications, a set of applications or just a single app.

The following topics show you how to use the Android framework to make applications more accessible.

Making Apps More Accessible
Development practices and API features to ensure your application is accessible to users with disabilities.
Accessibility Developer Checklist
A checklist to help developers ensure that their applications are accessible.
Building Accessibility Services
How to use API features to build services that make other applications more accessible for users.
Building Accessible Custom Views
Describes some of the tasks that developers need to complete to make their custom UI elements accessible.
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