Use Room for data persistence

Use the Room library to easily create and use relational databases in an Android app.


Kotlin Flows in Practice

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Learn about the powerful and expressive Flow APIs and how to get the most out of Flows in an Android app.

Testing Flows

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Learn more about creating fakes to isolate code being tested, testing StateFlows created by stateIn, and more on how to test Flows and StateFlow.

Using Room Kotlin APIs

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Room is a database library that's part of Android Jetpack. It simplifies your work with databases for Android. In this video, Florina will tell us how to use and test Room APIs.

Persist Data with Room


Learn how to use Room in your Android apps. Room is an abstraction layer over SQLite and provides convenient APIs to setup, configure, and query the database.

Read and update data with Room


Learn how to add and modify existing data with Room.

Practice: Build Bus Schedule app


Apply the concepts you learned in this pathway to add data persistence to the Bus Schedule app.

What's next?

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Great job! You completed this pathway and learned about persisting data with the Room Library. Room provides an abstraction layer over SQLite that allows you to bypass boilerplate code, verifies your queries at compile time, and more!


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