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Android TV

Build apps that let users experience your app's immersive content on the big screen. Users can discover your content recommendations on the home screen, and the leanback library provides APIs to help you build a great use experience for a remote control.

TV basics

Build a TV app

To make your app successful on TV devices, you must design new layouts that can be easily understood from 10 feet away, and provide navigation that works with just a directional pad and a select button.
TV basics

Build a great search UI

The Leanback support library provides a set of classes to enable a standard search interface within your app that is consistent with other search functions on TV and provides features such as voice input.
TV basics

Provide content suggestions

Help users discover your app content by creating recommendations that appear in one or more channels on the home screen.
Android on TV


The Android TV platform user interface provides the launch pad for your app's big screen experience. It's important to understand how your app is presented in the main user interface and how your app can help users get to the content they want quickly.

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