Android Studio 2022.2.1 Closed Issues

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Android Studio Flamingo Canary 2 (2022.2.1.2)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 8.0.0-alpha02
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
MergeGeneratedProguardFilesCreationAction configuration is slow even with configuration caching on
[AGP] Add generated source directory to IDE model (Variant API)
JavaPluginConvention and HasConvention is deprecated
Don't add ignorewarnings to R8 by default
Warn when proguard files do not exist
AGP 7.3.0 breaks gradle sync for gradle platform projects
apksig library: ApkVerifier$Result.getV4SchemeSigners() is marked private
APK Viewer
Dialog label alignment incorrect
Show contents of .version files in APK Analyzer
APK Analyzer Table Column Headings Lack Padding
AVD Manager
Bug on AVD Manager Error: Unable to locate adb but adb.exe is on path.
Background Task Inspector
Background task inspector
Code Editor
Extracting string resource may include qoutes (" ")
Device Manager
Ambiguous results in Action Search Menu when searching for 'Device Manager'
Improper sorting in Device Manager
Turn off device screen while mirroring
Allow tests for syncing with old versions of AGP to handle new namespace DSL
Support new KMP source layout
Kotlin Plugin
Refactor -> Modularize tool doesn't work with Kotlin code
Please, bring back the ability to customize the logcat font size
Logcat Shows Banner "All logs entries are hidden by the filter" When Device is Disconnected
Modularize Refactor
AS 3.3 alpha8: Modularize... refactoring is greyed out
If the namespace is moved to build.gradle, the build fails with an unreferenceable R declaration.
New Code/Templates
Incorrect comment in Tabbed Activity template
Too Narrow Module Name
New Project Wizard
Version Distribution Screen is Too Big and Can't Be Scrolled.
Release Bundle/APKs
Keystore generation does not escape or quote arguments
Can't extract string resource from kotlin if it contains line breaks
Android Studio silently replacing drawable resource
Background transparent SVG files change to yellow
Convert to WebP action should work for launcher icons
SDK Manager
Clip art icons directory causes severe delays in SDK Manager
SdkManager displays toString on RemotePackage
Translations Editor
Translation editor: keep resource files not place all of them to strings.xml
Translation Editor doesn't differentiate between Serbian Cyrilic and Serbian Latin. Also a lot of locales are missing from Translation Editor
Adding a string in Translation Editor adds resource twice (AS Bumblebee)
Multiple columns are overwritten when pasting text

Android Studio Flamingo Canary 1 (2022.2.1.1)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 8.0.0-alpha01
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Flaky build failure in MergeResources task
JavaPluginConvention and HasConvention is deprecated
Wrong and inconsistent file location for new transform API
Android Gradle Plugin should not use the deprecated GUtil.toWords(string) function
Android Gradle Plugin should not use the deprecated ConfigureUtil.configure(closure, target) function
Update AGP tests to use KGP 1.7.20-Beta
Gradle 7.4 fails (could not create instance of AnalyticsService)
New "unknown enum constant" from javac on AGP 7.4.0-alpha09
Variant API: In AGP 7.1+, updates to new variant objects are not forwarded to old variant objects
C++ Editor
External C++ .h cannot be located in Android project view
Code Editor
Disable wildcard imports by default for Kotlin projects in Android Studio
Project leak via AndroidProcessHandler/SingleDeviceAndroidProcessMonitor
Device Manager
Device Manager shows Auto images for phone selection
Android TV Hardware profile shows incorrect device size
unable to download the image for Android 12.0 without Google APIs for the ABI arm64-v8a on my MacBook Pro 14
Cannot sync project with KMP module in Chipmunk with MPSS
Avoid querying for KMP models in order to determine if a module is a KMP one
//tools/adt/idea/ fails on JDK17
Kotlin Multiplatform project fails to import in AS 2022.1.1 Canary 10
Memory Profile tool showing 0.2 GB instead of 150 MB
Upgrade Assistant
AGP Upgrade assistant should handle projects using android.disableAutomaticComponentCreation