Android Studio 2022.1.1 Closed Issues

Android Studio Electric Eel Canary 1 (2022.1.1.2)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.0-alpha02
Fixed Issues
AlreadyDisposedException occurred when sync
[Lint] Wrong Resource Type detector finds errors in valid code when code is across modules

Android Studio Electric Eel Canary 1 (2022.1.1.1)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.4.0-alpha01
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
XML newlines mangled in release builds with splits
Add desugar methods to lint model
Build Variants
Build Variants window stuck when switching variant in the middle of sync/build
The build flavor is locked on the default ndk abi flavor, can't change it
AS cannot switch between build variants in case product flavors have non-overlapping native ABI sets
Variant switcher sometimes never finished
Switching variants with different ABIs is broken
Compose Editing
BridgeContext.getSystemService() violates contract by throwing rather than returning null for unrecognized services
Compose Preview
Interactive Preview stops working once I drag scrollview
Design Tools
Shape drawable stroke with width < 1.0 is only displayed in layout Design pane if preceded by a "0"
Display of HTML string in the designer does not match what is displayed on any device/emulator I have tried
Option to disable clipboard sharing is gone in Android Studio Bumblebee, can't turn it off
Import/Sync does not catch missing dependencies
Switching variants while building never finishes
Android Studio does not support Gradle nesting Composite-Build
Android Support Plugin error messages need rewording
MBP 15" 2018 Touch Bar menu is missed.
Layout Editor
android:theme attribute on ViewGroup is ignored
Preview rendering issue when using ?android/attr:[color].
Custom view fails to display in preview when loading font
Android Studio crashes
Layout Renderer Error
Bug: no preview for customized Preferences
Preview unequal to running app | ?attr not supported in fillColor of an XML (Vector Drawable)
Render Problem cause using CameraView
Add --offline flag to lint
InconsistentLayout does not respect baseline
Dialogs don't appear in Preview
New Project Wizard
New Benchmark module wizard should select minSdk 23
Release Bundle/APKs
Bundletool: Intent filter elements are not merged properly between feature modules and base modules
Upgrade Assistant
AGP Upgrade Assistant never finishes