Android Studio 2021.2.1 Closed Issues

Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 5 (2021.2.1.5)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0-alpha05
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Desugaring results in invalid dex only if ran from Android Studio Bumblebee
Please annotate BundleToApkTask with @CacheableTask
Warning evaluating Gradle 7.2-rc-1, AGP 7.0
Validate usages of SkipIfEmpty on task inputs
AGP 7.0.3's create{variant}UnitTestCoverageReport task runs tests on all variants
Code Editor
New project: Kotlin source files don't show code/split/design tabs
UnknownNullness check false positives on kotlin properties
Logcat is displaying duplicate entries
Running Tests
Exporting test results 'overwrite existing' button text not localised
[Manual Unit Tests running] "No tasks available" when trying to run unit tests from AS
The IDE unnecessarily invokes cleanTestDebugUnitTest before testDebugUnitTest when running unit tests
Wear Pairing Assistant
Error starting AVD

Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 4 (2021.2.1.4)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0-alpha04
Fixed Issues
AVD Manager
AVDs created using avdmanager cli tool show up as not having playstore in AVD manager (even when they do)
Android Gradle Plugin
Support jacoco and publishing from the same library variant
Update to use JaCoCo 0.8.7 by default
AGP should bundle `baseline.profm` file in addition to ``
Do not spam logs
DeprecatedMethodException: '...FileEditor.getFile' is deprecated, you need to override it in '...ApkEditor'

Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 3 (2021.2.1.3)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0-alpha03
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Support jacoco and publishing from the same library variant
missing AGP prefab task dependencies
MergeResources task `rawLocalResourcesNoProcessRes` input is not marked as IgnoreEmptyDirectories.
Android Studio
Lint UnusedResources incorrectly fails when using ViewBinding via property delegation
Code Editor
Optimize AndroidMissingOnClickHandlerInspection
Variant selection is not propagated along androidTest dependencies
SuppressLint not working for AppBundleLocalechanges
ViewBinding fails to bind when nonTransitiveRClass is enabled and @android ids are used in the xml

Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 2 (2021.2.1.2)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0-alpha02
Fixed Issues
AVD Manager
CLI output polluted with parsing logs
Android Gradle Plugin
AGP 7.0.0-alpha10 regression: Failed to apply plugin '' when databinding is enabled
lintDebug breaks configuration caching
Make sure `[consumer]proguardFiles` are supported in IDE models from v2
Android Studio
Jetpack Compose 1.0 template update
Compose Editing
Could not build studio due to old kotlin language version
Compose Preview
Interactive Preview stops working once I drag scrollview
Databinding 7.0.0 uses depricated lifecycle-extensions
Layout Editor
Compose preview font loading attempts to start threads (results in render error)
Layout Inspector
App crashing due to LayoutInspector
Lint TestMode.WHITESPACE test mode should not add spaces to label references in kotlin
lintVitalAnalyze throwing exception: "call to UsageTracker before initialization"
Red symbols in AndroidManifest.xml when using namespace DSL
New Code/Templates
Compose project template doesn't include debug dependency on androidx.compose.ui:ui-test-manifest
New Project Wizard
Move Gradle plugin definitions to root project build.gradle file
Switch colors to something other than red for the popup documentation describing resources
SDK Manager
I never got prompted to accept the license for the build tools by the first run wizard
Upgrade Assistant
Migrate AndroidManifest.xml's package attribute to namespace DSL
Gradle plug-in update stalls every time

Android Studio Chipmunk Canary 1 (2021.2.1.1)

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0-alpha01
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Relax resource name validation for overlayable
Setting a Provider for VariantOutput.versionCode can break with configuration cache
Design Tools
SVG gradients not converted properly to VectorDrawable when viewBox starts from a negative coordinate
Nullability lintJar in IdeAndroidLibrary via v2
Long freeze on project save after sync
Gradle sync fails due to inability to start daemon.
NewApi lint check doesn't honor Robolectric SDK configurations
Wear Pairing Assistant
Wear Pairing trying to start virtual device when it is already running