Android Studio 2021.1.1 Closed Issues

Android Studio 2021.1.1.12

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
IDE tries to build a binary for ABI that isn't mentioned by abiFilters
gradleResValues.xml not updated on signing for release
lintAnalyzeDebug failing with "Method not implemented" on ClsPackageStatementImpl.getAnnotationList
"Dismiss" button is cutoff for Network Profiler Has Moved notification (in default profiler view)
Upgrade Assistant
Studio non-stable should not offer to upgrade stable AGP projects

Android Studio 2021.1.1.11

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
ASM api fails tests when using inline functions from tested code
Apply Changes
App crashes with KotlinReflectionNotSupportedError after incremental build on API level 30 emulator
Databinding not working with platform tools 31.0.3; platform-tools/api/api-versions.xml no longer available
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Lint's SourceTransformationTestMode.performEdits after update to AGP 7.1.0-alpha08
Lint failing on AGP 7.0 with "Can't initialize detector"
"Lint check for lint checks" not running
Running Tests
Test failures in Studio don't show test output when running through gradle

Android Studio 2021.1.1.10

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Minor missing_rules.txt formatting issue.
Move deployment build output to intermediates folder
NewApi check doesn't understand conditionals in `when` block
AGP 7.0.0 Lint HTML reports renders feedback urls wrong
False positive on SupportAnnotationUsage lint check
Lint does not call visitAnnotationUsage for overrides of methods within annotation scope
Motion Editor
MotionLayout: I spend a lot of time to add constraints because I have over 10 to 20 items on the layout.
Navigation Editor
Add "toSavedStateHandle"

Android Studio 2021.1.1.9

Fixed Issues
C++ Debugger
AS Arctic Fox Error while starting native debug session on Mac M1, "Found broken LLDB configuration"

Android Studio 2021.1.1.8

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
TypedefRemover uses ASM5 and is incompatible with JDK 11 sources that require ASM7
AGP compresses all assets for unit test .apk regardless of aaptOptions.noCompress
Android library plugin should provide a way to build sources jar
AGP 7.0.0 stable throws an ExternalApiUsageException on libraryVariants.all { applicationId }
Jacoco reports do not display source code lines, with Android Gradle Build Tools 4.1.2 (or 4.2.x) plus Gradle 6.5
Design Tools
Vector drawable preview bug.
Lint: does not contain a valid registry manifest key (Lint-Registry-v2).
Network Profiler does not display multiple headers with the same name
Resource Manager
(Windows) New -> Vector Asset -> picture.svg: invalid 'minus' character in generated xml
Running Tests
Android Studio Bumblebee: Wrong tests executed when using "Run Configurations" dialog for Instrumented Tests
Grade test runner not working with AndroidX project

Android Studio 2021.1.1.7

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Crash when run Jetpack Compose App in Android Studio 2021.1.1 Canary 4
android.enableAppCompileTimeRClass=true causes builds to fail with AGP 7.0.0-alpha09
LinkApplicationAndroidResourcesTask fails with - dir is not a readable directory
AGP 7.1-alpha fails when running instrumentation tests from command line on old devices
Layout Inspector
Attribute is missing resolutionStackList and source
RedundantNamespace: False positive for XML files in raw directory
Lint incorrectly flagging Bundle#get as API 21+ method

Android Studio 2021.1.1.6

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Crash when run Jetpack Compose App in Android Studio 2021.1.1 Canary 4
Android Studio 4.2 no longer creates debug symbols in bundles for Play Console upload
Profgen fails parsing ObfuscationMap with class name that has no namespacing (root)
Recycle lint check fails on super() call
Lint failure shows hint for disabling lint with a deprecated api (completely wrong if using kts)
Potential issue with the RestrictedApi detector in the new lint integration
New Code/Templates
New module template inserts buildToolsVersion

Android Studio 2021.1.1.5

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
AGP should not re-run dexing when user deploy to devices with different API levels from the IDE
Add lint baseline file as lint task input
Bug: Lint quick-fix of "Replace "-" with an "en dash" character (–, –) ?" changes the order of the text
Running Tests
Edit configuration - test configuration parameters are not saved

Android Studio 2021.1.1.4

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
No lint text output when the lint task is up-to-date
android.lintOptions.textOutput is broken when set with 'stdout' and 'stderr'
AGP7.0: Discrepancy in handling of androidTest namespace between API/Model and R generation
AGP should not re-run dexing when user deploy to devices with different API levels from the IDE
Android library plugin should provide a way to build sources jar
Code Editor
Compose RadioButton completion adds a trailing lambda
Please let Lint (?) discover in layout xmls that ScrollView can host only one direct child !
Android Lint VectorDrawableCompat check warns incorrectly
Lint.xml: file options use the wrong base location for path resolution
Lint no longer picks up lint.baselines.continue system property when set from Gradle plugin
Crashes in custom lint rules cause no results to be reported
AGP 7 Duplicate ObsoleteLintCustomCheck issues
Lint Integration
Android Lint Gradle plugin verbosity
Navigation Editor
Passing an argType that's an inner enum class doesn't generate the FragmentArgs correctly
New Project Wizard
Update generated Gradle file to use new plugin DSL
Release Bundle/APKs
Password sometimes decoded wrongly when using KeePass
Only latest passwords pair saved overriding previously saved passwords
Android Studio doesn't update compiled code | Intermittent
View Binding
lint tools:viewBindingType in studio

Android Studio 2021.1.1.3

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
SdkLibDataFactory not compatible with Gradle Configuation Cache broke manifest placeholders in libraries
Build fails after updating project to 4.2.
copyDebugAndroidLintReports: NoSuchFileException: lint-results-debug.txt
Test fixtures with default res support (false) still have resvalue generated folders
Pass --client-id, --client-name, and --client-version to lint from AGP
Add "-parameters" javac option only if Room is present
Cannot run :test task anymore starting from AGP 7.0.0-beta03
AGP does not enable Live Literals for Library modules
[Gradle] `initWith` exists for copying build configs, but not for flavors.
Unresolved reference: setProguardFiles
android.disableAutomaticComponentCreation should not be experimental
initWith() is not available in Gradle Kotlin DSL
Android Studio
Alpha channel not reflected in Android Studio's gutter for Compose colors
Build Analyzer
Copy & Paste broken for build analyzer warnings tab
C++ Build
Project build fails on windows because of read-only git files.
Nullpointer in build with cmake ( prebuild openssl , building libgit2 )
GNUMAKE throws exception on arguments like "-mllvm -oXXXX"
target_precompile_headers not working
Android Gradle Plugin 4.0: CMake argument starting from '-C' is not passed to cmake executable, rendering build broken
C++ Editor
Line separator error when auto-generating JNI method
Code Analysis
Invalid warning in gradle to upgrade to alpha version of work-runtime lib
False positive ShowToast linting warning with Snackbar
Compose Editing
LiveLiterals causing a crash in a non-Compose module
Data Binding
Support tags
Layout Inspector
Copying attributes copies a reference, not the value
Lint UnusedResources incorrectly fails when using ViewBinding via property delegation
Lint unable to find project exploded aar for :camera:camera-extensions-stub
UnusedQuantity false positive
lint:TypographyQuotes false positive with accented text
Bug: quick-fix of version check doesn't do anything
Lint no longer picks up lint.baselines.continue system property when set from Gradle plugin
Outdated error messages related to partial Lint analysis
Android Studio 4.2 hangs on WrongConstant lint check
lintClient not receiving user.home
Lint: ShiftFlags reports false positive when using Kotlin
AGP 7 Duplicate ObsoleteLintCustomCheck issues
Android S intent-filter without android:exported lint should report issues with
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when writing SARIF format for Lint
Running Lint with a SARIF report throws an exception for some SourceLockedOrientationActivity failures
Lint not detecting type error with StringDef when there are multiple string method parameters
AGP lint task fails when there's an indirect compileOnly module dependency
Android Studio stuck suggesting to update library to SNAPSHOT version after reverting to proper stable/beta version
[lint] MissingTranslation does not detect plurals
WrongViewCast Lint false positive when using FragmentContainerView and findFragmentByTag
Lint Integration
AGP 7.0.0 Alpha 14 Lint RAM Usage Unbounded
Dynamic-feature lint issues not reported when app's checkDependencies=true and there are library modules
New Project Wizard
Update generated Gradle file to use new plugin DSL
Bug: new projects still can't remove "jcenter" even though it's about to be removed, and also doesn't help what should be done
Project System
RenderScript target API problem in Android build tools r25
Merge resources fails on escaped string resource
Running Tests
Bumblebee 2021.1.1 Canary 2 doesn't show failed tests anymore
Shrinker (R8)
Shrinker removes used vector drawables with new agp 4.1.0
R8 doesn't remove compile-time (VISIBILITY_BUILD) annotations
View Binding
Connection to the ViewBinding falls off after random actions in its xml-file
Type inference with multiple layout variants

Android Studio 2021.1.1.2

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Test fixtures with default res support (false) still have resvalue generated folders
We need a Version interface in gradle-api
AGP 4.2.0 produces test APK that is missing a class, perhaps due to mixed java/kotlin source set
Next artifact to expose should be CLASSES
Invalid injected android support version '202.7660.26.42.7322048', expected to be of the form 'w.x.y.z' - getting this error while executing compose samples
Re-enable DSL creation vis implementation class instead of interface
Android Studio
UI_MODE_NIGHT_YES doesn't work in Preview
Layout Editor
Layout preview trouble with TextClock object
Preview unequal to running app | ?attr not supported in fillColor of an XML (Vector Drawable)
Android Studio layout preview stops working for native android.preference.Preference and custom preferences, when "androidx.preference:preference:1.1.0" is added
Android studio 4.0 zoom sensitivity
Layout Rendering Engine: Missing Unicode charaters when updating strings.xml
Android Studio crashes
Lint Recycle False Positive
Android lint unable to see androidx.annotation jar in a specific project
@CheckResult doesn't work inside lambda expressions
`UnknownIssueId` still prints warnings when disabled
UnusedResources lint check does not work correctly for libraries
Lint error with firebase-perf [OutdatedLibrary] even if we are using the latest version.
Drawables with transparent shapes are not rendered correctly.
White-space added to some string resources after upgrade to 4.2
View Binding
Usaging static import of inflate view binding `inflate` method results in unused resource
Wear Pairing Assistant
Wear Pairing Assistant fails to launch from IJ