Android Studio 2020.3.1 Closed Issues

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Android Studio 2020.3.1.21

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
android.lintOptions.textOutput is broken when set with 'stdout' and 'stderr' broke manifest placeholders in libraries
AGP7.0: Discrepancy in handling of androidTest namespace between API/Model and R generation
Android Studio
Alpha channel not reflected in Android Studio's gutter for Compose colors
Code Editor
Compose RadioButton completion adds a trailing lambda
Android Lint VectorDrawableCompat check warns incorrectly
Lint no longer picks up lint.baselines.continue system property when set from Gradle plugin
Crashes in custom lint rules cause no results to be reported
Release Bundle/APKs
Password sometimes decoded wrongly when using KeePass
Shrinker (R8)
R8 FullMode in AGP 7.0.0-beta01 transforming ParameterizedType implementations to Class
App crashes on Android API 23 and below: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: j$.$r8$wrapper$java$util$function$Supplier$-WRP

Android Studio 2020.3.1.20

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Pass --client-id, --client-name, and --client-version to lint from AGP
copyDebugAndroidLintReports: NoSuchFileException: lint-results-debug.txt
Lint no longer picks up lint.baselines.continue system property when set from Gradle plugin
AGP lint task fails when there's an indirect compileOnly module dependency
Android Studio stuck suggesting to update library to SNAPSHOT version after reverting to proper stable/beta version
lintClient not receiving user.home
Lint Integration
AGP 7.0.0 Alpha 14 Lint RAM Usage Unbounded
Dynamic-feature lint issues not reported when app's checkDependencies=true and there are library modules

Android Studio 2020.3.1.19

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Add "-parameters" javac option only if Room is present
Unresolved reference: setProguardFiles
Cannot run :test task anymore starting from AGP 7.0.0-beta03
initWith() is not available in Gradle Kotlin DSL
Re-enable DSL creation vis implementation class instead of interface
Build Analyzer
Copy & Paste broken for build analyzer warnings tab
Code Analysis
False positive ShowToast linting warning with Snackbar
Invalid warning in gradle to upgrade to alpha version of work-runtime lib
Compose Editing
LiveLiterals causing a crash in a non-Compose module
Running Lint with a SARIF report throws an exception for some SourceLockedOrientationActivity failures
Lint Recycle False Positive
Lint not detecting type error with StringDef when there are multiple string method parameters
@CheckResult doesn't work inside lambda expressions
UnusedResources lint check does not work correctly for libraries
`UnknownIssueId` still prints warnings when disabled
Outdated error messages related to partial Lint analysis
Lint error with firebase-perf [OutdatedLibrary] even if we are using the latest version.
White-space added to some string resources after upgrade to 4.2
Shrinker (R8)
Allowshrinking seems to not pin classes
View Binding
Usaging static import of inflate view binding `inflate` method results in unused resource

Android Studio 2020.3.1.18

Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
Next artifact to expose should be CLASSES
buildConfigField replacement warning prints the value, which could contain sensitive information
Invalid injected android support version '202.7660.26.42.7322048', expected to be of the form 'w.x.y.z' - getting this error while executing compose samples
AGP 4.2.0 produces test APK that is missing a class, perhaps due to mixed java/kotlin source set
Design Tools
Create New -> Image Asset not possible (MacOS)
Android lint unable to see androidx.annotation jar in a specific project
Shrinker (R8)
desugar overrides final method spliterator in PriorityQueue
R8 method signature change breaks Retrofit in AGP 4.2.0