Testing in Compose

Build your first Jetpack Compose tests. Learn how to use Compose's testing artifacts to write UI tests, use test rules, finders, and assertions.

Key points

  • Compose tests are instrumentation tests, requiring an emulator or device to run.
  • Add testing dependencies in the module's build.gradle file for the project you're testing.
  • Include the composeTestRule to launch components or activities, providing the interface to use the finders, actions, assertions, and more. * Depending on how much you want to interact with the framework in your test, you can use either composeTestRule or AndroidComposeTestRule. When possible, use the composeTestRule.
  • To find an element, use one of the onNode finders and add assertions.
  • Access the launching activity with the activity property in the composeTestRule by calling getString.
  • The testing APIs in Compose let you test in isolation or use time manipulation, and include a list of finders, actions, and assertions.

Parent collections

This series of videos introduces various Compose APIs, quickly showing you what’s available and how to use them.

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