Build enterprise apps on Android quiz

  1. True or False? The work profile prevents end users from installing their own apps so as not to put corporate data at risk.

  2. Apps installed in a work profile are marked with a(n) ___ to distinguish them from personal apps.

  3. When a device is enrolled by an organization, the work profile is set up with some preinstalled apps, including a(n) ___ app.

  4. To include work contacts in your app, use...

  5. To present your end user with an easy way to switch between personal and work profiles from within your app, use the ___ class.

  6. Work profiles are managed by IT admins, which means essential device features and apps might be restricted at runtime. To be extra careful when handling runtime events, always check if there’s a valid app that is ready to handle an intent before launching it. Use ___with the package manager to find out.

  7. Fill-in-the-blanks

    Enter one or more words to complete the sentence.

    The ___ is responsible for initiating the following OAuth code flow.