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Create different types of layouts, add user interactivity, and use data binding. You complete the AboutMe app, which showcases interesting facts about yourself with a button, an image, and some scrollable text. You will also create the ColorMyViews app, which consists of clickable TextViews and Buttons that change color when tapped.


Use LinearLayout with the Layout Editor


Create the AboutMe app, and learn how to add a TextView and ImageView to a LinearLayout. Make the layout scrollable with a ScrollView.

Add user interactivity


Add an EditText input field, a button, and a click listener to the AboutMe app so users can add or update their nickname.

Use ConstraintLayout with the Layout Editor


Create the ColorMyViews app and learn how to use a ConstraintLayout.

Use data binding


Use data binding in the AboutMe app to make your code shorter, easier to read, and easier to maintain.

Layouts quiz

Test your knowledge of Views and ViewGroups, such as LinearLayout and ConstraintLayout, to earn your Layouts badge.