Jetpack Compose

Learn about Compose, a modern toolkit for building native Android UI.


Tutorial: Compose Basics

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Learn the basics of Compose and how to build a simple UI component with declarative functions.

Compose Beta Overview

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Get an overview of Jetpack Compose as it stands at Beta.

Compose Mental Model

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Learn how the declarative approach of Compose is different from the view-based approach you may have used in the past.

Compose basics


Go hands-on and learn the fundamentals of declarative UI, and work with state, layouts, and theming.

Compose by Example

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Learn how Compose makes Android UI easier by walking through concrete examples of open source sample apps that the Compose team built.

Layouts in Compose


Learn how layout works in Compose, and how to use the built-in layouts, modifiers, or your own custom layout.

Using State in Compose


Understand patterns for working with state in a declarative world by building a Todo app.

Compose Theming


Go hands-on with the Compose implementation of Material Design to understand how to theme an app’s colors, typography, and shapes, and support light and dark themes.

Jetpack Compose Animation


Learn about Jetpack Compose’s Animation APIs and how to use them.

Compose for Existing Apps

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Understand how Compose and view-based UIs can coexist and interact, making it easy to adopt Compose at your own pace.

Migrating to Compose


Walk through a practical migration of a view-based app to Compose to understand how to incrementally adopt and explore the implications for your architecture and testing.

Jetpack Compose quiz

Test your knowledge of Compose and earn your Jetpack Compose badge.