Use coroutines in common Android use cases

Learn to use coroutines to simplify background task management in common use cases, such as making network calls and accessing local data.


Use Kotlin coroutines in your Android apps


Learn best practices for integrating coroutines into your app’s UI, as well as with Room, Retrofit, and WorkManager.

Threading in CoroutineWorker


Learn to use WorkManager with coroutines to schedule asynchronous tasks that run even if the app exits or the device restarts.

Access data with Room data access objects

Article Optional

Learn to add the suspend Kotlin keyword to your DAO methods to make them asynchronous with Kotlin coroutines functionality.

Android Room with a View-Kotlin


Learn to build an app that gets and saves data from a database using Android Architecture Components with coroutines.

Use coroutines in common Android use cases quiz

Test your knowledge of Kotlin coroutines and earn your pathway badge!